What’s This About?

Here at jonmeckes.com we desire to build a worldwide community of artists.  We want to engage in creative activity to strengthen the bond of those who desire to be inspired. If this describes you, welcome to the club.  Grab a seat wherever you’d like.

About Jon:

Married to a wonderful woman, Kayla (who inspires me to be better everyday). Father of an energetic little bundle of joy (Aria). I live for those two ladies. Creative Type. Worship Leader. Through my everyday work I regularly have the opportunity to go to places not everyone is able to see.  Sometimes that makes for some great photo ops! I love photography, music, sports and a lot of other things really.  Enough about me, keep reading to see the “boss'” info.

About Kayla:


Married to an incredible man, Jonathan (who pushes me to be the best version of me that I can be).  Mother of an active, beautiful little girl who stole my heart from the moment she entered into this world. They both keep my life entertaining.  Fashion Admirer. Beauty Lover. Avid Dreamer. Christ-Follower.  Basically that’s me in a nutshell.